2845 N Armistead Avenue
Hampton, VA 23666

About Us

Cristoforo Russo, who opened first as Anna's Pizza in Buckroe, Virginia, in May of 1970, founded Anna's Italian Pizza. Anna's was the obvious name for his new restaurant as his mother, sister, and daughter share the name. Cris opened other Anna's Pizza Italian Restaurants, and he sold them throughout the family to keep the family ties strong.

Cristoforo Russo

Cristoforo grew up in Sicily and immigrated to New York in December of 1956. While living in New York, he met other immigrants from Sicily, and he started working with an older man named Sal Leone. While working with Sal, Cris met Sal's daughter, Josephine, who he later fell in love with and married.
Cris opened his first pizzeria in New York in 1969, but moved to Virginia with his wife, Josephine, and their three children a year later. The strong family atmosphere and old-fashioned recipes continued to generate great loyalty from patrons. In fact, many people on the Virginia peninsula associate a strong family atmosphere and great pizzeria experience with Anna's Pizza to this very day.


Anna's Pizza on North Armistead Avenue opened in 1972, in the Tide Mill Shopping Center. In January of 1992, we relocated to the Russo Village Shopping Center where we continue to serve our great food.

Our Future

We look forward to making many new friends and continuing our lasting relationship with our old ones as we continue to provide the best pizza for our patrons. To that end, we also thank all of our wonderful friends for allowing Anna's to serve you. Sincerely, thank you.
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